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Small Businesses,
Big Rewards!

Earn points by participating in our network through Gimmzi partnerships and loyalty rewards programs from your favorite places to eat, shop, dine, have fun and more!

Going Live

May 31st, 2024





Be part of a thriving community, supporting local businesses and connecting with fellow Gimmzi members

Access exclusive discounts, promotions, special gifts, and even birthday gifts from your favorite small businesses

Earn points for every purchase, turning your loyalty into valuable rewards

Earn points when you purchase, travel, and sign leases with Gimmzi Partners

Find and Redeem Exclusive Deals and Rewards on the Gimmzi Smart Rewards™️ app!

  • Attract new customers by featuring your business on the Gimmzi network

  • Connect with a community of engaged consumers and local small businesses

Grow your business with Gimmzi Smart Rewards™️

  • Reach a broader customer base across industries, competing effectively even against larger corporate brands

  • Boost brand awareness significantly through the Gimmzi reward point system

Digitize your loyalty program effortlessly, eliminating the need for traditional paper punch cards

Earn points for every purchase, turning your loyalty into valuable rewards

Say Goodbye to the hassle of paper cards

Transform Paper Punch Cards into Digital Rewards

Increase customer retention and drive repeat business with Gimmzi's user-friendly interface

Short term rental listing owners
Travel & Tourism companies
Hotels and Resorts
Owners of Timeshare Rentals
Student Housing
Apartment Communities
Condominium Ownership Associations(COA)
Home Ownership Associations(HOA)

First, what is a community partner? Here are a few examples:

Add the most value to your database of customers including guests, residents and more

Gimmzi Community Partners

  • Join a network of diverse businesses and property owners, creating a collaborative community that benefits from shared resources and customer engagement.

  • Tailor Gimmzi reward campaigns to suit your specific business model, whether it's short-term rentals, hotels, or apartment communities, maximizing the impact on your bottom line.

  • Advertise your listings directly to a targeted audience within the Gimmzi community, maximizing exposure and increasing the chances of attracting new guests and customers.

  • Connect with your customers, guests, or residents by offering them Gimmzi reward points for being a part of your community.

  • Drive bookings and reservations by making your property or service stand out with the added incentive of Gimmzi reward points.

  • Foster loyalty among your clientele by providing them with exclusive Gimmzi reward points, encouraging repeat business and extended stays.

As a Gimmzi Rewards Community Partner, distribute points to those in your database

  • Gimmzi offers rewards without added costs

  • No hidden fees or interest – just genuine savings on things you enjoy

As a Gimmzi Rewards Community Partner, distribute points to those in your database

  • Redeem points for real, tangible rewards you'll love

  • Maximize savings with exclusive deals and discounts

Be one of the first to receive early access to Gimmzi Smart Rewards™️!

Redeem Exclusive Deals: Use your earned points to unlock a variety of exclusive deals and discounts from your favorite local small businesses. The more you engage, the more you save!

Earn Points: Participate in Gimmzi loyalty rewards programs, book vacations with Gimmzi Travel Partners, or sign a lease with Gimmzi Apartment Community Partners to accumulate points effortlessly.

Download the Gimmzi App: Available on the Google Play or Apple Store at launch, the Gimmzi app is your gateway to the only community focused point based rewards experience.

Once Gimmzi Smart Rewards launch, here’s the steps to take:

Your Path to Exclusive Deals and Perks!

How it works: Follow The Points

Turn your travel plans into rewarding experiences with Gimmzi Smart Rewards™️

Book a Vacation and Earn Points with Gimmzi Partners!

Join a community of savvy travelers enjoying the benefits of Gimmzi's loyalty rewards program

Discover local gems when you travel to your favorite destinations

Unlock exclusive discounts on accommodations, activities, and more during your getaway

Earn points when booking your vacation through Gimmzi's trusted travel partners

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