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Technology x Deals = Win²

It is about time the rewards started rewarding everyone involved

We thought about the best case scenarios for all involved in a typical reward points system. We were sure not to forget anyone. No one was left out. There is immense value in every way that Gimmzi Smart Rewards can be used. This leaves the question, what kind of Gimmzi user will you be? Even better how many different types of users will you be?


Let's get more specific:


Are you a business owner and want to create custom deals for your customers to increase revenue?

Are you a landlord and would like to give incentives to some or all of your tenants?

Do you simply want to find deals and can't find any through those old coupon books and dated coupon websites anymore?

Are you an employer who would like to add an incentive to your employees for working for you?

Be one or more of these types of users while gaining points and/or distributing points.


Find out which one(s) work best for you.


Give me the deals, please

Sure! But first, let me show you how it works

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Everyone is invited. It's as easy as downloading the Gimmzi Smart Rewards™ mobile app. You will immediately get access. We've partnered with your favorite small businesses and we're adding more businesses everyday.


Just simply find the deal you want, check the amount of points needed to redeem the deal, add the deal to your wallet, apply and use your Gimmzi points to take advantage of the discount.

Oh yeah, what are points? Great question.

Points can be earned and are needed to redeem exclusive deals throughout the mobile app. These points can be earned in various ways.


This is the fun part.


Are you an apartment tenant, a member of gym, or use short term rental apps to book rooms for vacation?


These are all potential Gimmzi point providers and for each provider that you are a member, you can earn points. 


It gets even better. You also earn badges that strengthen your point earning power. For example, if you work for a participating Gimmzi provider, not only do you receive monthly reoccurring points from your employer, but you also earn an Employee Perk badge. Your badge value can give you even more point earning power depending on how and where you apply your points to get discounts.


Earn points now and your first Gimmzi Access Badge today by simply signing up. 

Grow your business with
Gimmzi Smart Rewards

Connecting your business with existing and new customers, the most efficient way possible

The core of the Gimmzi network starts with its technology.

The value in finding deals was essential in the coding of this powerful software solution. The complexity lies in the code

but the vision is simple. And simply put, the vision is

community connectivity.


How can we connect industries to consumers and then connect industries across industries?


For example, how can we build a software that connects an apartment complex to its tenant and that tenant to a local

gym or restaurant?


Don't worry if its still not clear, it will be.​

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Gimmzi Rewards will grow your business while learning your customer for you

As a business owner, signing up with Gimmzi, will immediately provide your business access to its own custom merchant portal. In your merchant portal, you can build deals for your customers and add users to manage those deals, meanwhile the powerful software does the rest of the work. Gimmzi will place your brand and deals in front your customers that you may have not been able to reach before across various industries. The Gimmzi reward point system will exponentially increase your brand's awareness.

For example, let's use the favorite local pizza shop that is competing with the saturated big brand pizza companies. The corporate pizza chains use advanced reward point systems and are taking advantage of the online access to their customer, sending specials and incentives for being repeat buyers on a frequent basis. The local pizza shop is struggling to keep up, that's until they sign up with Gimmzi. Right away, the local pizza shop deals are now in front of customers that even the corporate pizza chains can't get to.


Now, the local pizza shop can focus on delivering the great pizza that has made them a staple in the community, Gimmzi will do the rest. And it is easy. Gimmzi is built for businesses to receive the benefits without being tech savvy.

Gimmzi Smart Rewards™ offer several options for business owners that span from simply creating customer deals in the merchant portal, to increased traffic, to signing up on the highest level plan Merchant +.

Merchant + will open new features to business owners that further allows customized customer deals, adding badge ranking programs, repeat customer perks, and the access to advanced analytical reporting, to name a few.

The choice is yours.

Start with the basic and watch the improvement in your business' brand exposure then upgrade at anytime to Merchant +.

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The Providers of Points

Add the most value to your database of tenants, customers, members, employees, and more

First, what is a point provider? Here are few (not all) examples:

  • Apartment Housing

  • Short Term Rental Companies

  • Student Housing

  • Property Managers

  • Online Memberships

  • Hospitals

  • Corporate Employers

  • Gyms

  • Libraries

  • Airlines

As a Gimmzi RewardsPoint Provider, distribute points to those in your database

The point starts with Gimmzi Smart Rewards™ Point Providers. Similar to businesses' merchant portals, point providers manage users, send out points and much more through their own custom portal called the Provider Portal.


Ranging from apartment complexes to gyms and book clubs, a point provider spans across many industries. As the technology constantly builds its smart extensive network it proves to be the core of why the software is so powerful.

Let's go through a point cycle to demonstrate how Gimmzi connects it all together.


Community connectivity is the vision, so in true fashion, for this example, the point provider will be an apartment community. We will establish the merchants as the local pizza shop and an auto repair shop. The merchants are endless (you can also have a number of providers too) but for the example, we will use those two merchants.

Follow The Points

The value breakdown from the point to deal and all over again

Here's the example, simply Follow The Points:

You move into a new apartment community and during orientation, the property manager excitedly tells you their apartment community is a Gimmzi Smart Rewards™ Point Provider. The property manager sends you a registration link via email or text that directs you to download and sign up for Gimmzi Smart Rewards™. 


For this example, you are a new Gimmzi user. If you

weren't, you would simply add the code from the registration

to the badge section of the Gimmzi app and gain a Tenant

Badge. Either way, you now have a Tenant Badge.

With this badge, you are automatically set up

to receive points monthly from your new apartment

community. The apartment community can even give

you additional points for Tenant of The Month,

6 months on time payments, etc.

This is all set up with the point provider.

Now that you have points, you can browse

your Gimmzi app for deals from merchants

that Gimmzi has partnered with. One of those

merchants is the local pizza shop and you see

for 250 points, you can get 15% off any size pizza.

Sweet! You then add the deal to your wallet.

You arrive at the pizza shop, you use the deal and you get 15% off a large pizza. Since you are already out, you remember you have to get your car oil changed. Conveniently, you browse the Gimmzi Smart Rewards™ mobile app for auto shops and find one just half a mile away from the pizza shop.

There's also a $5 off first oil change deal for 200 points that you add to your wallet. There is even more, the auto shop uses Merchant +, and has a half off oil change after 2 oil changes.


Perfect! The app records your first of three ($5 off the first) and now the auto shop has earned a repeat customer because you want to be sure to get the half off on your third oil change, you will be back.

A full day of savings by simply using Gimmzi Smart Rewards™. Considering the massive industry coverage from beauty salons to theme parks to tax preparers and growing, there is no reason for the Gimmzi user not to take advantage of savings everyday. 

Then, imagine showing up to work the next day, and your employer has an important announcement. They are adding Gimmzi Smart Rewards™ to their benefit perks! 

A new badge, which means more earning power, more points, and more savings for you! Feel free to tell you co-workers how Gimmzi works.

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