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Congratulations! You've unlocked the exclusive Throwbaxe Axe House Badge!

You've just uncovered a hidden gem in Southport, NC – Throwbaxe Axe House and Board Game Lounge, and as a reward, you've earned a limited-time badge!

Here's how it works: Once our official launch happens, you'll receive promotional points that you can redeem at your favorite local spots for shopping, dining, and entertainment. The only action required is to sign up, and we'll send you your badge along with the link to be among the first to have the Gimmzi Smart Rewards app on launch day.

Stay tuned for upcoming communications with instructions on how to claim your exclusive Throwbaxe Axe House rewards and additional perks.


And get ready to rack up points while you kick axe at Throwbaxe!!

What is a badge?

In Gimmzi Smart Rewards, a badge is a digital symbol of achievement and recognition that you can earn by participating in our loyalty rewards program. Think of badges as your virtual trophies, showcasing your loyalty and engagement with local businesses. You can collect these badges for various actions like making purchases, referring friends, or hitting spending milestones. Each badge tells a unique story of your journey with us and brings you one step closer to exciting rewards. Start earning badges today and seize the limited-time opportunities to earn badges hidden throughout the area before our official launch!

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